Monday, June 7, 2021

What is Voyage data recorder and how it help to ships ??

Voyage data recorder is system designed for vessel to comply with SOLAS requirement of IMO guidelines, main function of VDR is to store information in secure and retrievable form, considering the position, and movement of vessel from start position to incident point. it acts like black box.

What is voyage data recorder and how it help to ships ?

VDR records the command and control of vessel over the duration from one point to end incident. it also records the voice of vessel bridge. the data collecting assembly continuously collects onboard activity for 12 hours.

Passenger ships and ships other than passenger ships of 3000 gross tonnage and upwards constructed on and after 1st july 2002 must carry VDR devices with them.

Now we discuss some practicality of VDR, then When MV X-press vessel sunk then sri-lankan authority recovered the VDR from ship, this will enable the legal body to know about the actual or possible reason of fire and the incident thereof...though salvage group could not transfer ship from deep seas as it was rest to bed.

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