Saturday, June 5, 2021

What is vessel traffic service (VTS) ?

 Hello friends, today i will tell you about vessel traffic service (VTS), in simple language vessel traffic is similar to traffic in air that is aircraft or vehicle in land, it is system by which marine traffic that is ships, tugs and other objects at sea are monitored, it is established by port authorities.

So what is main object of VTS, the main object of vessel traffic service to provide active monitoring navigational assistance to vessel in particular route or busy areas of seas. there are mainly two types of VTS, one is under surveillance and one without surveillance i.e., that is actively monitored.

what is vessel traffic service

if we talk about working of VTS then it involves close connection between RADAR, and radio telephonic exchange with close circuit infrastructure.

thus any vessel coming towards port area then it is guided and monitored by VTS, they are given special signal so as to ensure smooth passing in waterways, in case there is danger VTS operator directly gets in contact with ships staff.

thus mainly very high frequency is main way to connect with VTS and on other side there are number of ways to communicate either by email or AIS or phone.

Thus to conclude VTS serve the duty of collection, analyzing and providing information.

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