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What is Cargo Manifest in Shipping business ?

 Manifest in simple term is mean by to show something clearly, hence Cargo manifest is a document listing cargo, passengers and crew  of ship, aircraft or a vehicle such truck, rail or wagon. this document enable serves the need of official of custom authority or any body. today we will learn in short about Cargo manifest.


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A manifest, in general, is a complete list of the cargo or passengers. Just like the cargo manifest, the passenger manifest lists details of all the passengers who are on board a ship or airplane. This list would include details of the crewmembers as well.

A cargo manifest is a consolidated list of all the cargo that is on board a cargo vessel. The list of all cargo carried on the vessel will appear under the vessel name and identification marks of the vessel.


Customer A in New York buys 1000 boxes from company B in Kolkata, India. Company B ships these gensets by a cargo vessel. The vessel carries other electrical goods and consumer durables meant for customers En route and in New York.

The cargo manifest of the ship will show the 1000 gensets purchased by customer A as well as the other electrical goods and consumer durables that are shipped on the vessel for the other customers.

Contents of a Cargo Manifest

Generally, the following details are shown in cargo manifests:

  1. ·       Operator name and details
  2. ·       Consignor information
  3. ·       Document or Bill of Lading number
  4. ·       Quantity, type, and description of goods
  5. ·       Consignee information
  6. ·       Shipping route

Who Uses the Cargo Manifest and Why?

While the cargo manifest is important to all concerned parties to the cargo carried on the ship, most importantly, it is the port customs who require the cargo manifest to allow the ship to unload its cargo on the port. It is usually the responsibility of the chief officer of the ship to submit the cargo manifest to the port customs.


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