Wednesday, June 2, 2021

What is meant by vessel husbandry ?

 Hello friends, today i will discuss about topic known as vessel husbandry, as you know vessel in general language we tell it as a boat or ship, vessel is large, and husbandry in simple meaning is to look after something. hence in all we combine and comes to know as to look after the vessel. giving it a formal touch vessel husbandry is meant by managing the affairs of the ship when it comes to port or at port side including other activities such as custom formalities, fueling and supply and repairs too.

Basically process of vessel husbandry starts when vessel is schedule to come to a particular port  and its arrival at port according to management of shipping company as per the service or routing.

What is meant by vessel husbandry ?

Usually all payments related to vessel related and container related is completed well in advance before arrival of ship at port. shipping company get registered its ship coming to a port with port authority and with custom board of that particular area.

All the vessel comes to port has rotation number if it is a regular vessel, if any vessel coming at port for first time then it informed to port and custom well in advance, duly all certificates of vessel are demanded so as to ensure its get registered with customs and vessel is validated.

As ship is registered with customs it gets its rotations number after getting this number, vessel is registered with port and VCN number which is vessel call number is created.

All payments such as light dues should paid well in advance by shipping company to port before vessel arrives, light dues are calculated on basis of gross registered tonnage of vessel.

So this is just brief about vessel husbandry.