Tuesday, June 1, 2021

What is Sea port congestion ??

Sea port congestion in normal term is meant by congestion caused by logistics activities performed at port side, normally we relates the same with many more elements and factor. congestion refers to state of being very full of people or traffic. port congestion happens when port capacity is full.

Port get accumulated with lot of cargo and ship takes long times to load and unload the cargo, which may be due to direct factors and indirect factors. either ship arriving late or due to natural factors such as cyclone the movement of cargo is blocked at port due to cyclone alert.

port congestion directly affect cargo owners, shipping companies and port management. Hence to recover from such activities port operates at high efficiency and at more manpower.

what is port congestion

Factors which give rise to port congestion:

1) Inadequate manpower.

2) Improper port management.

3) Improper tools and equipment at port.

4) Stoppage of port activities due to natural factors.

5) Improper ship schedules.


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  1. Indeed good detailed explanation.
    But, unfortunate that neither port authorities nor carriers can come to corrective actions to overcome such congestion issues.
    But, shippers and forwarders had to face the consequence.