Friday, August 6, 2021

What is Indian port bill, and how will it benefit to Indian port industry (Major port authorities bill 2020)

Indian port bill is the bill or rules and regulation which seeks to provide the regulation, operation and planning of major ports in India and to provide greater autonomy. Indian port bill create an environment for growth and sustained development of ports sector in India through the following broad methods:

  1. Formation of Maritime Port Regulatory Authority
  1. Drafting and formulating of the National Port policy and National Port plan in consultation with Coastal State Governments, State Maritime Boards and other stakeholders.
  1. Formulation of specialized Adjudicatory Tribunals namely Maritime Ports Tribunal and Maritime Ports Appellate Tribunal to curb any anti-competitive practices in the port sector and act as a speedy and affordable grievance redressal mechanism.
Today Indian port sector is developing at very fast pace, both public and private port player is achieving and gaining huge cargo potential in Indian water, proper formulation of port policy is must to administered this development.
Indian port bill 2020 replaces Indian port act 1908.

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