Sunday, January 17, 2021

Documentation for export and import - Requirement of Custom Authority


Five documents required for customs purpose

1. Commercial documents

2. Packing list

3. Self-declaration form


5. Declaration pertaining to various export promotion schemes.

I. E. C. no. - this no. is given by DGFT having territorial jurisdiction over the firm and having lifetime validity.

RCMC - Register with appropriate EPC, then the exporter will be known as a registered exporter, will gain the benefit of Exim policy. example - textile export promotion council

Registration with ECGC - to secure export payment against political and commercial risks..

Registration under central excise - Goods are clear from factory/warehouse, Excise control code ECC

Registration under COC membership for obtaining COO

Registration for BIN (pan based business identification No.)

Exporter to check the nature of the item before he enters into the contract or even makes efforts to secure the export order. Needless to add, the item of export agreed upon should not fall on the banned list.

Standardization of pre-shipment export documents is done basis of the system, popularly known as an aligned documentation system.

ADS ( Doc. related to exports are printed on the uniform length and standard A-4 size of paper )

The information enter in MASTER DOCUMENT 1 AND 2

An exporter can develop 14 out of 16 commercial documents out of MASTER DOCUMENT 1

With help of master Document 2, three regulatory documents - G R FORM, Shipping bill/ bill of export, and port trust, a copy of the shipping bill can be developed.

Shipping order and bill of exchange cannot be developed from this as these are not standardized