Monday, December 30, 2019

Innovation IMOIIMAX Fleet a hit, Stena Bulk Says

Swedish tanker shipping business enterprise Stena Bulk has been running a fleet of 13 IMOIIMAX chemical tankers for a year. An assessment has shown that the MR vessels have been a success, each in terms of performance and business.

stena bulk

“Utilization of and entry into the chemicals market has gone higher than expected, and we have secured an amazing marketplace function that we are persevering with to build on,” Erik Hånell, Stena Bulk’s President and CEO, explained.

Several years ago, the organization embarked on a chief SEK four billion project, ordering the series of thirteen ships at Guangzhou Shipbuilding International (GSI) in China. The first vessel from the batch become added to Stena in early 2015, and the very last one in 2018.

The 13 sister vessels trade in one among Stena Bulk’s international logistic systems, which focuses on delicate petroleum products, vegetable oils and chemicals. The fleet includes 60 vessels related to Products & Chemicals and is operated from Stena Bulk’s currently opened workplace in Copenhagen with assist from the enterprise’s places of work in Singapore, Houston and Dubai and its head workplace in Gothenburg.

“It’s now been simply over 4 years due to the fact we took shipping of our first vessel in the IMOIIMAX collection and the vessels have carried out beyond our expectations. Both the technical and the commercial concepts have proved to be very successful and feature set a new popular for shipment performance and bunker consumption,” Hånell added.


IMOIIMAX is a vessel idea with a focal point on flexibility. It turned into developed through Stena Bulk and Stena Teknik together with the Chinese shipyard GSI.

According to the employer, it offers extra massive shipment flexibility, a excessive level of safety and economical gas consumption.

An IMOIIMAX tanker has 18 separate tanks, which offers for big freedom of preference as regards mixtures of cargoes. The tanks have a Jotun Flexline coating, which means that they can also be without difficulty cleansed and for that reason be used for different cargoes to quickly transfer between one-of-a-kind markets. Furthermore, the IMOIIMAX tanker’s cargo flexibility and ability to fast cleanse the cargo tanks for one of a kind cargoes maximises its potential utilisation rate.

“The vessels carry out properly in phrases of velocity and bunker consumption. Additionally, in appreciate of loading, transport, discharging and tank cleaning, it has technically completed above expectations,” Hånell concluded.

With a deadweight of 50,000 tons, each of the sister ships capabilities a length of 183 meters and a beam of 32 meters.