Monday, September 10, 2018


The most advanced technological know-how in lively controlled atmosphere for Refrigerated Containers

CLIMACTIVE is the state-of-the-art technology for an optimized transport of fruits and vegetables

CMA CGM reaffirms its Reefer information and its commitment to client centricity

MARSEILLE: On the event of the 2018 edition of the Asia Fruit Logistica fair, CMA CGM, a leading international transport group, is proud to announce the launching of CLIMACTIVE, the most advanced technological know-how for the transportation of exceedingly sensitive fruits and vegetables by active managed atmosphere.

CLIMACTIVE by using CMA CGM, the brand new Reefer technology

CLIMACTIVE is the modern and most superior solution to hold sensitive commodities’ freshness to destination, with the aid of faster reducing the level of oxygen internal the container equipped with DAIKIN Active CA.

CLIMACTIVE is created for particularly touchy commodities that require specific interest due to their biological specificities and maturation time. It particularly targets:

• High delivered price products,

• Long transit time products,

•  Organic products.

This technology allows agencies to optimize their aggressive elegance by retaining the products’ freshness up to last destination, preventing the maturation process, prolong their shelf life and keep the products’ high-quality attributes. It additionally permits agencies to increase by using attaining further destinations and target new markets. CLIMACTIVE sooner or later permits corporations to hold their products’ organic label.

CLIMACTIVE allows to reach the highest quality level of O2 and CO2 a good deal faster. A nitrogen pump creates a real barrier against oxygen infiltration, protecting the cargo from excessive ripening. Temperature, humidity and stability between gases are also very precisely regulated, allowing an most efficient preservation and safety of highly-sensitive commodities.


The CMA CGM Reefer expertise

The CMA CGM Group is the 2nd largest refrigerated container provider in the world. Thanks to its fleet of 385,000 TEUs of Reefer containers and 288,000 Reefer plugs, CMA CGM affords transport solutions for all touchy cargo requiring refrigerated transportation in order to exceed customers' expectations. With an business enterprise committed to Reefers and a network of experts in over one hundred sixty countries, CMA CGM is a world Reefer companion with nearby know-how in refrigerated transport.

“Following the launch of the REEFLEX innovation, CMA CGM continues upgrading its Reefer vary to better meet customers’ wants and acquire new markets.

By introducing CLIMACTIVE, an additional technology is now accessible for the most sensitive commodities in CMA CGM’s Controlled Atmosphere offer. CMA CGM testifies once more the importance of customer centricity and its potential to stay equipped with the modern-day innovative technologies” declared Eric Legros, Vice-President, Specialized Products and Value Added Services.